Tuesday, 23 June 2015

News Bulletin: BK4-YC, Amarr, KBP7-G

A brief news bulletin for the residents of Providence covering the recent developments in and around the region.

BK4-YC system, Providence region

Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] lost sovereignty over the system after downtime on the 21st of June. Sources claim the loss was due to unpaid bills by the corporation which owned the system at the time, The Ostrogoths

Logistics problems caused the system to remain unclaimed long enough for Northern Coalition(dot) [NC] forces to take notice. Attempts to reclaim the system were rebuffed by [NC] Super Carriers, with the station conquered by them as well. 

After a day of back and forth with Providence Bloc and [NC] destroying each others' Territorial Claim Units, [NC] managed to get out with its hand on top, taking the system. 

The loss of the system is further aggravating as it allows [NC] a safe staging in the middle of the Providence region, from which it can strike at the R3-K7K system, the last relatively safe gateway to the region.

Amarr system, Domain region 

The Burn Amarr campaign has concluded. From downtime on the 19th to downtime of the 22nd of June, Imperium forces (Formerly CFC) camped the space lanes leading to the Amarr system in Domain. For the 3 day period, no Freighter or Industrial were safe traveling to and around Amarr. Though the event officially ended, remnants may still linger, travelers are advised to exercise caution.

KBP7-G system, Providence region


Fighting continues over the system, as [NC] forces push to take the system and sever Northern Providence from Empire space. A battle occurred between [NC] and Providence Bloc over the final Infrastructure Hub timer, with Providence Bloc suffering defeat and losing the Infrastructure Hub. A full article covering the fight will be posted at a later date.

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