Wednesday, 10 June 2015

News: Northern Coalition(dot) Cannot Be Stopped, G-5EN2 in Danger of Falling

G-5EN2 system, Providence region. On the 9th of June, at 19:00 EVE Standard Time, Providence Bloc attempted to defend the Infrastructure Hub shield reinforcement timer from Northern Coalition(dot) [NC]'s attack, with no success.

Providence Bloc mobilized 250 pilots in a Naga Battlecruiser fleet, with a Stealth Bomber wing for support. The fleet rushed to the system only to see [NC] drop no less than 80 Slowcats (Archon Carriers) and 20 Super Carriers on the Infrastructure Hub, pushing it into its armor reinforcement mode within a single minute!

Unable to offer any resistance, Providence Bloc forces returned to their staging system, re-shipping to a Rupture Cruiser fleet, downsized to 140 pilots. 

The force went back to the G-5EN2 system, after hearing of both a Fidelas Constans [FCON] Thorax Cruiser gang, approximately 70 pilots and an [NC] Muninn Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet, estimated at 30 pilots.

The [NC] force was reluctant to engage the Providence Bloc fleet, so a fight was arranged with the [FCON] fleet, the arena moved to the neighboring system of Assah, in the Derelik region, due to Bombers Bar presence in the G-5EN2 system.

A short battle between the two forces erupted on the third planet's Costums Office as the two forces warped in close range of each other. However Providence Bloc dominated the fight and annihilated the [FCON] force, as it was able to out range it, suffering very minor losses in return. The [FCON] Fleet Commander, a former member of The Volition Cult [VOLT], was allowed to leave the field with his ship intact as a show of good sportsmanship.

This was followed by a quick battle with the [NC] Muninn fleet which seemed to gain confidence and warped at range of the Providence Bloc fleet. The Providence Bloc Fleet Commander decided to warp the fleet to the G-5EN2 gate at zero, hoping to draw the [NC] fleet closer. 

This turned out to work quite well, as the [NC] fleet landed at range of the gate, and in a distance that allowed Providence Bloc to volley the Muninns, quickly decimating them. The [NC] force realized quickly that it was in a disadvantage and chose to quickly retreat.

With no more hostiles left to fight, Providence Bloc returned to their staging system, ending large scale hostilities for the night.

Battle report for the Assah system can be found here.

The Assah system saw less than 300 pilots at the peak of the fighting, with Time Dilation not reported. The fighting on its two parts lasted 30 minutes overall.

Providence Bloc lost 10 ships for only a quarter of a billion ISK. [FCON] lost 58 ships for 1.7 Bil ISK of damage while [NC] lost 12 ships, for a total of 2.4 Bil ISK.

[NC] seems to have given up on attempting to fight or counter Providence Bloc's Battlecruiser fleets and committed instead to grinding sovereignty, using their overwhelming Capital and Super Capital advantage. As for the reason for this, it still remains a mystery, as Providence Bloc has shown a willingness to fight, to the detriment of [NC] at times.

Regardless, [NC] continues to besiege the G-5EN2 system, and at the current rate it appears the system may fall by the end of the week. The EVE Scribe will keep you informed of any new developments.

Special thanks to corebloodbrothers, of Volition Cult, The Volition Cult for granting an interview.

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