Sunday, 31 May 2015

News: Another Round of Fighting in Providence

Providence region. On the night of the 30th of May, 2 battles occurred in Providence. The first battle between Providence Bloc and Fidelas Constans [FCON], the second was Providence Bloc versus Northern Coalition(dot) [NC]. Both rounds won by Providence Bloc.

The first battle took place in Providence Bloc's staging system of F-YH5B at 19:00 EVE Standard Time. [NC] had once again deployed Sovereignty Blockade Units in the G-5EN2 system and reinforced the Infrastructure Hub. Thus Providence Bloc had to form a fleet in order to take them down and defend the timer.

Providence Bloc had a 190 pilot Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet formed for that purpose. However reports of an [FCON] gang in the staging system forced Providence Bloc to confront them first, in fear that the hostile gang may block the route for future reinforcements. [FCON] had around 50 pilots in a Zealot Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet.

[FCON] forces were set up on the LF-2KP gate. The Providence Bloc fleet warped to them at range and a short fight erupted on the gate. It was made quite clear that [FCON] were outnumbered and outgunned. Their gang was quickly overwhelmed, and bailed, jumping into the LF-2KP system. Since Providence Bloc had more pressing concerns, they did not elect to pursue them.

Video of the Fight from Providence Bloc's PoV, Courtesy of Mangraa Dementia

With [FCON] dealt with, Providence Bloc turned their attention to the [NC] fleet which was reported in the 4B-NQN system, awaiting the Providence Bloc force to jump into it. [NC] brought a Loki Strategic Cruiser fleet, approximately 70 pilots in total. 

Instead of jumping into that force head on, Providence Bloc used its Jump Bridge network and forced [NC] to confront them in the XHQ-7V system. There, [NC] forces engaged Providence Bloc on the YWS0-Z gate.

A quick skirmish developed on the gate, with both fleets exchanging losses before Providence Bloc disengaged and warped to the JEIV-E gate in the system. [NC] gave chase only to watch Providence Bloc double back and jump into the YWS0-Z system instead. [NC] jumped after Providence Bloc, and the battle resumed in earnest.

This time, Providence Bloc managed to thin the [NC] Logistics numbers, and quickly switched to the mainline ships. One after the other, Lokis and Legions popped, unable to tank the incoming fire due to the lack of Logistics. Thus, [NC] was forced to disengage and beat a hasty retreat, rather than risk losing their entire fleet. 

 Video of the Fight from Providence Bloc's PoV, Courtesy of Mangraa Dementia

With no more hostiles on grid, Providence Bloc continued to the G-5EN2 system to remove the Sovereignty Blockade Units, only to cross jump a RvB Ganked fleet, around 100 pilots mostly in Rupture Cruisers. Providence Bloc forces quickly anchored up and started removing the Sovereignty Blockade Unit on the 9-F0B2 gate, the RvB Ganked fleet declining to engage them.

Once all Sovereignty Blockade Units were destroyed and the Infrastructure Hub repaired, Providence Bloc extracted its forces back to its staging.

Battle report for the F-YH5B system can be found here.

Battle report for the XHQ-7V and YWS0-Z systems can be found here.

In both battles, local remained below 300 pilots, with Time Dilation not being noticeable. The first battle lasted 10 minutes, the second around the same length of time.

Providence Bloc lost 36 ships, translated into 3.8 Bil ISK of damage. [FCON] suffered 23 losses and 4 Bil ISK damage. [NC] had 20 ships worth a total of 8 Bil destroyed.

Providence Bloc once more showed a willingness to fleet up and continue fighting to defend its sovereignty, as the numbers clearly tell. [NC] again found itself outnumbered and outgunned. Though their attempt to force Providence Bloc to fight had succeeded, it probably wasn't the fight they wanted.

With the Imperium slowly deploying to the region and showing its presence, it will be interesting to see how [NC] forces react to this new threat. As for Providence Bloc, it would probably continue as it has in the past, defending its territory against all invaders. The EVE Scribe will keep you posted on new developments.

Special thanks Mangraa Dementia, of Blue Tridents, Sev3rance, for supplying the video footage

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