Wednesday, 20 May 2015

News: Northern Coalition(dot) Massacred in VKI-77

VKI-77 system, Providence region. On the 19th of May, at 20:00 EVE Standard Time, Providence Bloc forces clashed with Northern Coalition(dot) [NC] in the system, resulting in a one sided massacre.

The fight started after [NC] brought a Tempest Fleet Issue Battleship fleet, approximately 80 pilots strong with 3 Triage Archon Carriers for support, to the region. The force accompanied 21 Titans who were reinforcing towers in the H-GKI6 system. Once the Titans were done, they jumped out, leaving the Battleship fleet to extract on its own.

Providence Bloc formed a response fleet, 150 pilot strong Naga Battlecruiser fleet, with a Stealth Bomber wing and made their way to the system.

The two forces met first in H-GKI6 on the VKI-77 gate, the [NC] fleet receiving a full payload of bomb damage, dropping their health into deep armor as it sat on the gate. Then Providence Bloc jumped their main fleet into them, but [NC] declined to engage, preferring to jump out into VKI-77. There the fleet was caught by interdiction probes, as Providence Bloc jumped back and quickly anchored on the gate.

The fire exchange proved murderous. With many of the Battleship already being in half armor, the Nagas easily picked them off one by one. The Triage Carriers took time to jump in and de-cloak as well, meaning that for a few minutes no Logistics were present for the [NC] fleet, which only added to the initial massacre. Though Providence Bloc lost a few ships in the early stages of the fight, as Battleships popped left and right, their damage output lessened, allowing shield transfers to hold.

With the majority of the fleet decimated and the Triage Carriers tackled, it was every pilot for himself. Micro Jump Drives were spooled and fired, allowing a few Battleships to escape the carnage. With no more sub-capitals on field, it was the Carriers' turn. One by one they were destroyed, the last one trying desperately to tank, giving a brave stand but ultimately succumbing as well to the unrelenting fire poured on it by the Battlecruisers.

The Last Triage Archon's Killmail

With the last Carrier destroyed, Providence Bloc forces looted the field and extracted safely, having held the field. Thus the battle ended.

Video of the Battle from Providence Bloc's Logistics PoV, Courtesy of Mangraa Dementia

Battle report for the VKI-77 system can be found here.

The system saw less than 250 pilots in the peak of the fighting, with Time Dilation noted, but quickly subsiding, reaching upwards of 50% at times. All told the battle took 15 minutes from start to end.

The butcher's bill is heavy indeed, with [NC] losing no less than 39 ships, including 3 Carriers and half its Battleship fleet. The total ISK damage is estimated at 29 Bil ISK. Providence Bloc suffered some losses as well, 41 ships resulting in 3 Bil ISK of damages.

Though it has been a quiet few days in the region since the fall of Y-MPWL, it seems both sides are back into full swing, the fighting no less savage than before. This time Providence Bloc came on top, question is what will [NC] do in retaliation. The EVE Scribe will keep you posted.

Special thanks to corebloodbrothers of Volition Cult, The Volition Cult for granting an interview and Mangraa Dementia, of Blue Tridents, Sev3rance, for supplying the video footage.

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