Wednesday, 27 May 2015

News: Fidelas Constans Deploys to the Providence Region

Fidelas Constans [FCON], a member alliance of the Imperium (Formerly known as the CFC) has declared its intention to deploy to the Providence region in the coming days, choosing the Nakah system in the Derelik region as its base of operations. The system is adjacent to Hasateem, where Northern Coalition(dot) [NC] are currently staging from, and is only a few jumps from the G-5EN2, one of the main entry ways into Providence.

This has raised some concern in [NC]. Unofficial sources claim [NC] has requested temporary blue standings when [FCON] forces are present on the field in future battles, a request which was firmly rejected by the Providence Bloc leadership, who views both sides as invaders, and prefers to engage both equally.

[FCON] deployment is part of the planned invasion of the Imperium to the region, as it was announced a month before by The Mittani, the leader of the coalition. Many consider the move merely an attempt by the Imperium to test the new sovereignty mechanics changes destined to to be implemented in July.

The Providence region was chosen due to it being under the control of the only group currently in the game that will not counter escalate into using Super Capital and Capital assets during battles.This will allow the Imperium to experience and fully analyze the new sovereignty system, which is based on constellation control, thus giving it an edge in future conflicts.

[FCON] is only the first alliance to deploy, but other Imperium entities are expected to join it in the future. It is believed that no Super Capital assets would be brought to the deployment, though it is yet to be seen.

 Propaganda Poster Made by Fidelas Constans

Regardless, with this deployment, the tranquil days experienced lately by Providence Bloc seem to be at an end, what will follow next, will be reported by the EVE Scribe.

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