Monday, 13 July 2015

News: Providence Bloc and Phoebe Freeport Republic Clash Head On in D-GTMI

D-GTMI system, Providence region. On the 11th of July at 22:00 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Phoebe Freeport Republic [PFR] and Providence Bloc clashed in the system over a Sovereignty Blockade Unit.

The fight began as an event for [PFR]'s academy, which was celebrating a graduation cycle and wished to fight Providence Bloc, choosing an Amarrian motif for its fleet. 57 pilots assembled in an array of Amrrian ships, with 3 Triage Archon Carriers and a Fenrir Freighter filled with spirits. The fleet made its way from the 4-CM8I system in Scalding Pass to the D-GTMI system in Providence without an incident.

The Original Post for the Event

The Fleet Commander for [PFR] attempted to arrange a fight with Providence Bloc, but was ignored and subsequently banned from the diplomacy channel of Providence Bloc by moderators. Attempts by other fleets members resulted in the same pattern. This caused the [PFR] fleet to attempt and draw Providence Bloc's attention in another way. Since D-GTMI had defensive Sovereignty Blockade Units already present in the system, the [PFR] fleet decided to shoot the station, hoping to alert Providence Bloc and cause it to form.

After a while though, with no apparent response, the [PFR] fleet moved to the Sovereignty Blockade Units on the T-RPFU gate and started applying damage to it, hoping to at least have a killmail out of it. However, by this time Providence Bloc had already formed, a 60 pilot mixed Cerberus Heavy Assault Cruiser and Caracal Cruiser fleet. The force quickly made its why towards the system, swelling its ranks as it burned forwards.

Deciding not to jump head long into the [PFR] force, the Providence Bloc fleet took a detour, attempting to enter the system through FSW-3C. And yet, the [PFR] force may have had a spy on the Providence Bloc force, as their fleet relocated to the FSW-3C gate. Luckily, the [PFR] force was quite a way from the gate, allowing the Providence Bloc fleet to enter safely and start the fight.

The two sides fought for a while, the [PFR] fleet completely outgunned and out ranged by the kitting Cruisers, who ripped apart the Amarrian ships with their missile salvos. Even with the prevalence of Triage Carriers on the field, the damage proved too great. Another factor that went against the [PFR] fleet was the Providence Bloc Stealth Bomber wing, which accompanied the main fleet and carried bombing runs on the [PFR] fleet.

The Fighting over the FSW-3C Gate

With most of their sub-capital support gone, the Providence Bloc fleet went to work on the [PFR] Carriers, taking down the cynosural field mobile inhibitor and bringing their own Capitals into the system. One after the other, the [PFR] Carriers were destroyed, the entire [PFR] fleet decimated.
With no more hostiles left to fight, the Providence Bloc fleet returned to its staging system, having secured the system once more.

Battle report for the D-GTMI system can be found here.

The Battle lasted 40 minutes, with local seeing around 200 pilots at the height of the battle and Time Dilation not reported as a major issue.

[PFR] lost nearly the entirety of its fleet, 58 ships including 3 Triage Carriers and a Freighter, for a total of 12.63Bil ISK damage. Providence Bloc losses were only 12 ships, mostly Stealth Bombers and Interdictors totaling at 600Mil ISK damage.

It seems both sides managed to achieve their objectives, with Providence Bloc defending its sovereignty while [PFR] getting the fight it wanted, though not in the format it wished for.

With FozzieSov around the corner and the so-called impending invasion of the Imperium to the region, this may have been the last "fun" big fight in the region for the near future.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

News Bulletin: corebloodbrothers, State of the Region, Looming Imperium Invasion

Since the departure of Northern Coalition(dot) [NC] from the area, things have calmed down in the Providence region. Thus, not much has transpired during the passing week, giving Providence pilots a much needed breather after nearly two months of constant fighting. The things that did happen, were either unimportant enough to merit their own post or were already covered by other major news outlets. 

The EVE Scribe has gathered all of the events into one news bulletin to keep the pilots of Providence up to date with the occurrences in the region.

corebloodbrothers Resigns his Seat on CSM X


In a move that surprised all, corebloodbrothers announced his resignation from the Council of Stellar Management 10, also known as CSM X. corebloodbrothers cited demands on his time and an inability to balance them with his work on the CSM X as the main reason for choosing to quit the council.

With his resignation, Providence Bloc loses its voice on the council, with the candidate most likely to succeed his seat being a representative of High Security space interests,Lorelei Ierendi. The full resignation letter can be found on EVE News 24.

State of the Providence Region


On the 2nd of July, the G-5EN2 system, the first system conquered by [NC] during its campaign, was finally re-claimed by Providence Bloc forces. This marked the official end of the war between the two entities, with all systems in the region once more safely in Providence Bloc's control.

With [NC]'s departure, large scale conflicts have subsided in the region, allowing its residents to re-build and resume their peaceful activities. With Pandemic Horde [REKTD] and Spectre Fleet otherwise engaged, it seems Providence Bloc will enjoy the peace for a few more weeks at least.

Pending Imperium Invasion


Only recovering from one war, and already reports are coming in of the Imperium's preparations to invade the region. The residents of Providence had been reporting increased Imperium activity as well as spikes in border systems, such as Esa in the Tash-Murkon region. 

The system's close proximity to the Providence region and the Amarr system in Domain which serves as an important trade hub for the South of New Eden, makes it an ideal staging area for sub-capital operations. The station in the system has historically served as the home base for several anti-Providence groups.

As the sovereignty mechanic changes, termed FozzieSov, will probably be implemented next week, bar no further delay, Providence Bloc may face a full scale invasion of its space, as Imperium forces hope to study and perfect the new system in order to protect their holdings in the future, using the region as their testing ground.

This may mean that the coming weeks may make the past two months look like a picnic in comparison. Only time will tell. 

The EVE Scribe will keep you posted.
Lorelei Ierendi
Lorelei Ierendi
Lorelei Ierendi

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

News: Northern Coalition(dot) Re-Deploys, Drops Sovereignty in Providence

Providence region. Northern Coalition(dot) [NC] announced its new deployment, moving away from the Providence region and to the system of Litom in the Curse region. While [NC] assets haven't moved yet, sovereignty dropped in several systems, allowing Providence Bloc to grab them.

On the 29th Providence Bloc managed to re-gain BK4-YC system. The system was left undefended by [NC] forces, allowing Providence Bloc to capture it without a fight.

On the 30th, [NC] ceded sovereignty over KBP7-G and Y-MPWL systems, which Providence Bloc was quick to re-claim.

The only system in Providence currently remaining in [NC]'s hands is the G-5EN2 system, which was the first to fall in the campaign. Its eventual re-capture will symbolize the end of the war between [NC] and Providence Bloc.

Providence Bloc forces have kept an eye on the situation, but no major action has been taken against [NC] assets in the region so far. It seems Providence Bloc leadership is awaiting the [NC] convoys to leave Hasateem, thus ensuring [NC] has actually re-deployed.

The news of the deployment came as no big shock, with the entire conflict growing stale as time went on. The question is what does [NC] expect to achieve with its move to the Curse region, which operates as an important junction from which both the East, South East and North East of New Eden can be accessed.

While no comment was given by [NC], Providence Bloc leadership had stated that [NC] proved to be a strong and tough opponent, whose tight fleet compositions, professionalism, commitment and experience proved to be an immense challenge. Providence Bloc had fought hard, and lost a lot, but also manged to win against the odds at times. In summary, it was a war where both sides showed respect for each other, and afterwards come new challenges and new enemies.

Monday, 29 June 2015

News: Providence Bloc and Northern Coalition(dot) Continue to Fight over KBP7-G

KBP7-G system, Providence region. On the 28th of June, at 19:00 EVE Standard Time, Providence Bloc and Northern Coalition(dot) [NC] clashed once more over the fate of the KBP7-G system.

Providence Bloc went on the offensive in a bid to reclaim its lost systems. BK4-YC, Y-MPWL and KBP7-G systems were put into reinforced mode by Providence Bloc, with the KBP7-G Infrastructure Hub coming out of reinforced on the 28th.

Providence Bloc organized a full scale attack in order to reclaim the system. It had assembled a full Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet with a Stealth Bomber wing and E-War Frigates, all told around 300 pilots. The force made its way towards KBP7-G in order to force the Infrastructure Hub into its second timer. 

[NC] wasn't sitting idle either and organized a fleet of its own to defend the system, a Loki Strategic Cruiser fleet reaching nearly 100 pilots. The force bridged into the system before Providence Bloc's arrival, settling on the XHQ-7V gate the only point of entry for Providence Bloc, in anticipation of the incoming hostiles.

Providence Bloc jumped into the system and the awaiting [NC] fleet, its bomber wing landing a Void bomb run, which drained the capacitor of most of the Lokis, switching off their armor hardeners. The Providence Bloc Ishtars then de-cloaked, dropped sentry drones and anchored up, starting the fight. 

At first, the Ishtars managed to volley Lokis and Logistic ships, seemingly winning the battle. However as time went on, this changed. The [NC] Lokis started tanking better, their Logistics getting on the ball. Providence Bloc on the other hand, was doing poorly. With all their fleet anchors webbed, the Ishtars remained in close proximity to the Lokis, which proved fatal

After a brief exchange with mounting losses the Ishtars finally managed to gain some distance from the [NC] fleet. Attempts to break the Lokis' tank with fresh sets of drones proved futile, thus the Providence Bloc Fleet Commander made the call to disengage, leading the fleet to warp off to an asteroid belt then to the XHQ-7V gate.

[NC] attempted to give chase, managing to snag stragglers but the main Providence Bloc fleet managed to jump out of the system and dock up, conceding the field. With Providence Bloc defeated, [NC] brought their Super Carriers and quickly removed the Providence Bloc Sovereignty Blockade Units in the system, securing it for themselves once more.

With this, both fleet safely extracted, ending large scale hostilities in the region.

The Battle from the Providence Bloc PoV, Courtesy of Mangraa Dementia

Battle report for the KBP7-G system can be found here.

All told, the system saw 400 pilots in local, with Time Dilation reaching up to 40% during the fighting. From start to end, the battle lasted 30 minutes.

Providence Bloc lost 83 ships, including 31 Ishtars, for a total of 9.04 Bil ISK damage. [NC] lost 9 ships, including 3 Lokis, for a total of 5.24 Bil ISK damage.

After the battle it became apparent that the [NC] fleet was prepared for Providence Bloc's Ishtar fleet, as the Loki fit was meant to counter the use of sentry drone damage, specifically Bouncer and Curator sentry drones. This allowed the [NC] fleet to tank the incoming damage from the Ishtar fleet and along with webbing their anchors, forced Providence Bloc to fight close range at first, where the Lokis had a clear advantage.

Reports from both fleets indicate that fire was split between targets, which allowed both Logistics teams to keep ships alive in their respective fleets far longer. This is another reason for the low damage output, especially on Providence Bloc's side.

Though Providence Bloc lost both the field and the strategic objective, with talks of [NC] deploying to a different region of space, it may be able to regain its conquered systems as [NC]'s Super Capital umbrella is expected to vanish. Without it, Providence Bloc may be able to field its main doctrines, which were abandoned due to the pervasive use of Super Carriers by [NC] during their deployment, granting them an actual fighting chance. 

The EVE Scribe will continue to update on the situation as it develops.

Special thanks Mangraa Dementia, of Blue Tridents, Sev3rance, for supplying the video footage

Sunday, 28 June 2015

News: Providence Bloc Defeated in 9UY4-H

Disclaimer: Due to scarcity of reports, the numbers in the article are evaluations only. The events transcribed are based on the few witness accounts given, apologies in advance for any and all inaccuracies.

9UY4-H system, Providence region. On the 26th of June, at 18:00 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Providence Bloc clashed once more with Northern Coalition(dot) [NC] in the system, leading to a ruinous defeat.

[NC] forces had deployed Sovereignty Blockade Units in the system, in an attempt to provoke a fight from Providence Bloc. This worked, as Providence Bloc organized an Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet, estimated at 120 pilots.

The force arrived in the system and worked on removing Sovereignty Blockade Units from the gates, managing to destroy one before [NC] forces showed, bridging a Tempest Fleet Issue Battleship fleet into the 4B-NQN system next door, estimated at 60 pilots with Triage Carrier support.

The [NC] force jumped into the 9UY4-H system, the Triage Archons de-cloaking first before the rest of the fleet. The [NC] fleet however, was greeted by Providence Bloc, who had reports on it and already prepared in advance on the gate.

The battle started with Providence Bloc managing to volley off a couple of Battleships before the [NC] fleet could anchor up properly. Once it did, it managed to stabilize, the Triage Carriers doing their job properly. 

In contrast, the Providence Bloc fleet was hemorrhaging ships. An attempt to warp off the field and back at zero on the [NC] fleet in order perhaps, to get below the Battleships guns and negating their tracking, miserably failed - Resulting in slaughter.

Quickly, the Isthar fleet decided to warp across the system, forcing the much slower Battleships to give chase, at the same time a Stealth Bomber wing was working diligently to remove one of the Sovereignty Blockade Units, thus securing the system.

To aid in buying time, Interdcitors kept the Triage Carriers under interdiction probes, sacrificing ships to force them to stay in place. Since the Triage Carriers were the backbone of the Logistics team of the [NC] fleet, this delayed their attempts to re-engage.

Managing to destroy the second Sovereignty Blockade Unit and thus secure the system, Providence Bloc retreated, conceding the field to [NC]. Thus, [NC] forces returned to the 4B-NQN gate in order to guard their last remaining Sovereignty Blockade Unit.

However, this was not the end of hostilities for the night, as the Providence Bloc fleet reshipped to Naga Battlecruisers and returned to the field. A second battle flared up, with Providence Bloc warping to the [NC] fleet on the 4B-NQN gate in close range an opening fire, managing to volley off Battleships but trading many Naga Battlecruisers in return.

As damage output decreased due to losses, Providence Bloc was unable to break the tank of the Battleships and once more retreated, leaving the field for [NC] to hold. Having gotten the fight they wished for, [NC] forces extracted safely, ending hostilities for the night.

Battle report for the 9UY4-H system can be found here.

The battle lasted nearly an hour, with the system hosting less than 300 pilots in local and Time Dilation not reported as a major issue.

Providence Bloc lost 84 ships including 29 Battlecruisers and 24 Isthars for a total of 12.38 Bil ISK. [NC] lost 13 ships including 4 Battleships for a total of 2.45 Bil ISK.

Providence Bloc managed to secure the system, its strategic objective, but at a cost. [NC], on the other hand, got the fight it wished for and managed to hold the field. 

As the two entities continue to fight, it remains to be seen how this war concludes. The EVE Scribe will keep you up to date on developments.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Update: KBP7-G Status

KBP7-G system, Providence region. On the 24th of June, the system fell to Northern Coalition(dot) [NC] forces unopposed.

Providence Bloc fought [NC] every step of the way, but after the station was taken and the Territorial Claim Unit destroyed, had to concede the system. 

While there may have been a chance to delay the [NC] Territorial Claim Units from reaching online status, [NC] had them deployed on a heavily fortified tower (Also known as a deathstar). At the same time, a timer was coming up for a station in the BK4-YC system, and the Providence Bloc Fleet Commanders decided to abandon the KBP7-G system in favor of wrestling BK4-YC back.

At this stage 3 of the 4 systems connection the Providence region to Empire space have been taken over by [NC], for what purpose none but [NC] can tell. Regardless, Providence Bloc continues to fight [NC] forces daily, resisting their advance. The EVE Scribe will keep you posted.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

News: Providence Bloc and Northern Coalition(dot) Clash over BK4-YC

MVCJ-E system, Providence region. On the 24th of June,  21:30 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Providence Bloc and Northern Coalition(dot) [NC] clashed in the system in a brawl that showed much effusion of blood and destruction.

The fight began with Providence Bloc attempting to regain the BK4-YC system, which it lost a few days before. The station was leaving its first reinforcement timer, and Providence Bloc forces were moving in to push it into its second timer.

Providence Bloc brought a 150 pilot Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet, with a Stealth Bomber wing for support. [NC] forces were aware of Providence Bloc's attempts, and decided to use the timer to get a fight, the system itself holding little significance for them.

[NC] brought an estimated 70 pilot Loki Strategic Cruiser fleet and set up on the 2-TEGJ gate in the MVCJ-E system. The system is the only point of entry to the BK4-YC system, and the 2-TEGJ gate itself was the most probable point of entry for the Providence Bloc fleet, which was spotted in the 9UY4-H system clearing a hostile tower as it was slowly forming up.

Providence Bloc made its way as theorized to the MVCJ-E system, their Fleet Commander getting reports of the awaiting [NC] fleet. However, he made the decision to jump into the system anyway, starting the fight. The Providence Bloc Ishtars quickly anchored as they entered system, losing a few ships as they pulled range. Sentry drones were dropped in large clumps, making it hard for the [NC] Lokis to find a good spot to negate their tracking and optimal range.

The Ishtars started returning fire, managing to break the tank both of the Logistics and the Lokis themselves. For a while the two sides exchanged losses, Providence Bloc settling to an alternating rhythm of Logistic ship, then Strategic Cruiser, while [NC] busied itself with removing as many mainline ships as possible.

At some point the [NC] fleet was getting dangerously low on Logistics ships, and the call was made to bring Triage Archons. However, due to the distance of the system from the [NC] staging, the Carriers had to jump to a system a few jumps from the fight itself and make their way to the battle.

At this point the Fleet Commanders' opinions split. According to the Providence Bloc Fleet Commander, [NC] brought the Triage Carriers to the system via a cynosural beacon off grid, while the [NC] Fleet Commander stated that they jumped via gate from the LF-2KP system.

Regardless, both agree that the Triage Carriers arrived quite late in the battle, thanks in part to Providence Bloc Interdictors which deployed interdiction probes on them, preventing them to warp and join the [NC] fleet for quite a while.

With the [NC] Triage on field, the Lokis fared better, managing to stabilize, many saved entering deep armor. Realizing they couldn't be broken anymore, nor the Triage Archons themselves and sustaining continued losses, Providence Bloc decided to extract from the system, conceding the field to [NC] forces. [NC] itself decided not to remove the Providence Bloc Sovereignty Blockade Unit or repair the station, choosing instead to extract safely home, ending large scale hostilities for the day.

Battle report for the MVCJ-E system can be found here.

During the peak of the battle, the system saw less than 300 pilots in local, with Time Dilation not reported as an issue. The fight itself took nearly half an hour in total.

Providence Bloc lost 107 ships, 19 of which were Ishtars, for a total of 9.31 Bil ISK damage. [NC] suffered 28 losses, 12 of which were Strategic Cruisers, for a total of 11.37 Bil ISK damage.

Providence Bloc lost the field, but thanks to [NC]'s decision to leave the BK4-YC station unprotected, managed to later reinforce it, achieving the strategic objective. Special mention has to be made of the Providence Bloc Stealth Bomber wing, whose Void Bomb runs managed to help cap out Lokis, turning their shield off and stopping them in their tracks.

With a new timer for the station, it is quite possible the system will see further clashes soon by the two sides, as the war in the Providence region continues. The EVE Scribe will keep you posted.