Wednesday 1 July 2015

News: Northern Coalition(dot) Re-Deploys, Drops Sovereignty in Providence

Providence region. Northern Coalition(dot) [NC] announced its new deployment, moving away from the Providence region and to the system of Litom in the Curse region. While [NC] assets haven't moved yet, sovereignty dropped in several systems, allowing Providence Bloc to grab them.

On the 29th Providence Bloc managed to re-gain BK4-YC system. The system was left undefended by [NC] forces, allowing Providence Bloc to capture it without a fight.

On the 30th, [NC] ceded sovereignty over KBP7-G and Y-MPWL systems, which Providence Bloc was quick to re-claim.

The only system in Providence currently remaining in [NC]'s hands is the G-5EN2 system, which was the first to fall in the campaign. Its eventual re-capture will symbolize the end of the war between [NC] and Providence Bloc.

Providence Bloc forces have kept an eye on the situation, but no major action has been taken against [NC] assets in the region so far. It seems Providence Bloc leadership is awaiting the [NC] convoys to leave Hasateem, thus ensuring [NC] has actually re-deployed.

The news of the deployment came as no big shock, with the entire conflict growing stale as time went on. The question is what does [NC] expect to achieve with its move to the Curse region, which operates as an important junction from which both the East, South East and North East of New Eden can be accessed.

While no comment was given by [NC], Providence Bloc leadership had stated that [NC] proved to be a strong and tough opponent, whose tight fleet compositions, professionalism, commitment and experience proved to be an immense challenge. Providence Bloc had fought hard, and lost a lot, but also manged to win against the odds at times. In summary, it was a war where both sides showed respect for each other, and afterwards come new challenges and new enemies.

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