Tuesday 7 July 2015

News Bulletin: corebloodbrothers, State of the Region, Looming Imperium Invasion

Since the departure of Northern Coalition(dot) [NC] from the area, things have calmed down in the Providence region. Thus, not much has transpired during the passing week, giving Providence pilots a much needed breather after nearly two months of constant fighting. The things that did happen, were either unimportant enough to merit their own post or were already covered by other major news outlets. 

The EVE Scribe has gathered all of the events into one news bulletin to keep the pilots of Providence up to date with the occurrences in the region.

corebloodbrothers Resigns his Seat on CSM X


In a move that surprised all, corebloodbrothers announced his resignation from the Council of Stellar Management 10, also known as CSM X. corebloodbrothers cited demands on his time and an inability to balance them with his work on the CSM X as the main reason for choosing to quit the council.

With his resignation, Providence Bloc loses its voice on the council, with the candidate most likely to succeed his seat being a representative of High Security space interests,Lorelei Ierendi. The full resignation letter can be found on EVE News 24.

State of the Providence Region


On the 2nd of July, the G-5EN2 system, the first system conquered by [NC] during its campaign, was finally re-claimed by Providence Bloc forces. This marked the official end of the war between the two entities, with all systems in the region once more safely in Providence Bloc's control.

With [NC]'s departure, large scale conflicts have subsided in the region, allowing its residents to re-build and resume their peaceful activities. With Pandemic Horde [REKTD] and Spectre Fleet otherwise engaged, it seems Providence Bloc will enjoy the peace for a few more weeks at least.

Pending Imperium Invasion


Only recovering from one war, and already reports are coming in of the Imperium's preparations to invade the region. The residents of Providence had been reporting increased Imperium activity as well as spikes in border systems, such as Esa in the Tash-Murkon region. 

The system's close proximity to the Providence region and the Amarr system in Domain which serves as an important trade hub for the South of New Eden, makes it an ideal staging area for sub-capital operations. The station in the system has historically served as the home base for several anti-Providence groups.

As the sovereignty mechanic changes, termed FozzieSov, will probably be implemented next week, bar no further delay, Providence Bloc may face a full scale invasion of its space, as Imperium forces hope to study and perfect the new system in order to protect their holdings in the future, using the region as their testing ground.

This may mean that the coming weeks may make the past two months look like a picnic in comparison. Only time will tell. 

The EVE Scribe will keep you posted.
Lorelei Ierendi
Lorelei Ierendi
Lorelei Ierendi

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