Tuesday, 4 November 2014

News: Providence Bloc Destroys a 10 Bill ISK Wormhole Dreadnaught

J210750 system, E-R00028 region. On the 3rd of November, Providence Bloc forces managed to snag a Naglfar Dreadnaught clearing sites in the system, netting a ten billion ISK kill.

The story begins with Judiciary Pag, of W.A.S.P, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, scanning wormholes, a habit he picked recently due to the constant system camps by HERO Coalition. Exploring one of the wormholes, he saw in the system a Naglfar on his Directional Scanner, along with a gang comprising of six Basilisk Logistics, a Loki and two Tengu Strategic Cruisers.

Usually, Judiciary Pag would just dismiss it and continue on his travels, but encouragement from his fellow pilots made him a bit bolder. Finding the Naglfar and its escort fleet in a site, per-occupied and unaware of his presence, he had the information quickly relayed on coalition coms.

Luckily, Jin'taan, of Volition Cult, The Volition Cult, was in the process of forming for a scheduled brawl with Specter Fleet. Upon hearing the news, he re-formed his fleet, picking Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruisers instead, and made haste to where the wormhole entrance lay, in the 3D-CQU system, only a jump away from Providence Bloc's main staging system

The intention was to attempt and snag the entire fleet, but a mistake committed by one of its members, who jumped into the wormhole against orders, alerted the gang to their presence. It became a now-or-never situation, and the decision was made to try and salvage the operation, and at least catch the Naglfar if possible. The fleet quickly warped to Judiciary Pag, who was situated near the Naglfar, proceeded to tackle the ship, and whatever of its escorts that could be caught.

The Naglfar was apparently in Siege mode, which made sure it couldn't leave the site, thus tackle was spread over, managing to snatch a Basilisk and a Loki, while interdiction probes were deployed. However, it seems the rest of the gang managed to escape. 

Once the escort fleet was off the field, Providence Bloc turned its attention to the Naglfar, which melted away under the combined damage. Quickly scooping the loot, Providence Bloc extracted from the system, fearing immediate retaliation as the gang belonged to Lazerhawks, a known wormhole PvP corporation. The entire affair took only ten minutes altogether.

Battle report for the J210750 system can be found here.

It seems that the drop mechanics were extremely generous to Providence Bloc, as most of the expensive modules survived the wreckage, netting four billion ISK in profit, which were handed to Judiciary Pag as a reward. Judiciary Pag, though, has said that he intends to donate the loot to the Providence Ship Replacement Program, rather than keep it or sell it for personal gain.

In total, Providence Bloc incurred ten billion ISK in damages, suffering one loss, and walking out with one very expensive kill. 

Special thanks to Judiciary Pag, of W.A.S.P, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, for granting an interview.

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