Friday, 14 November 2014

News: Pandemic Legion and HERO Coalition Clash in F4R2-Q

F4R2-Q system, Catch region. In the early hours of the 14th of November, HERO Coalition and Pandemic Legion [-10.0] clashed in the system, as HERO Coalition attempted to defend its sovereignty from Pandemic Legion's continued aggression.

Pandemic Legion brought to the system a hundred and ten pilot Tengu Strategic Cruiser fleet, supported by a WAFFLES(dot) [NOMAD] Harpy Assault Frigate fleet, numbering up to thirty pilots.

HERO Coalition, for its part, brought a full fleet, two hundred and forty pilots strong, mainly in Dominix Battleships, with a robust Electronic Warfare wing comprised of Celestis and Maulus ships.

Pandemic Legion had the advantage of arriving to the system before HERO Coalition forces, and thus were given time to set up on the ZXIC-7 gate at optimal range for its Tengus, the most likely entry point of HERO Coalition. 

Pandemic Legion forces didn't have to wait long before news of the HERO Coalition fleet making its way arrived. At 0:41 EVE Standard Time, the HERO Coalition fleet jumped into the F4R2-Q system, and the two forces collided.

For their part, HERO Coalition remained anchored around the gate, with its Battleships deploying sentry drones and its Maulus and Celestis ships attempting to spread their Sensor Dampeners across the Pandemic Legion fleet. Pandemic Legion fleet, in return continued to kite at optimal range from the gate, focusing fire mainly on the Electronic Warfare ships and the HERO Coalition Logistics wing.

The WAFFLES(dot) fleet mainly darted around the fight, clearing tackle, Electronic Warfare and Logistics ships for the Pandemic Legion fleet. However, it was forced off the field at the height of the battle due to a bad warp in on the HERO Coalition Logistics wing, which put it in the firing range of their entire fleet, thus inflicting several casualties.

As both the Electronic Warfare and Logistics ships were annihilated, and their sentry drones unable to break the tank of the Pandemic Legion Tengus, it became apparent for HERO Coalition that they could not win the fight. With no interdiction probes deployed on the field, the HERO Coalition fleet quickly warped to the station and docked, effectively withdrawing from the fight.

With HERO Coalition conceding defeat, Pandemic Legion forces focused their attention on the Infrastructure Hub, jumping in Titans and Motherships to quickly dispatch it, then proceeding to incapacitate F4R2-Q's station services.

Pandemic Legion's fleet incapacitating the station services in F4R2-Q

With their work done, Pandemic Legion forces extracted safely from the system.

Battle Report of the F4R2-Q system can be found here.

At the height of the battle, the system hosted four hundred pilots, with Time Dilation unnoticeble at all. A total of one hundred and forty ships were lost during the fighting, for a sum of nine billion ISK in damages, the majority of it HERO Coalition's.

With the F4R2-Q station coming out of its final reinforcement timer on the 16th of November, 22:00 EVE Standard Time, the question remains whether HERO Coalition will be able to save the station, and the system, or whether Pandemic Legion will gain another foothold into the Catch region.

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