Thursday, 14 August 2014

News: Providence Bloc Defeated in 7MD-S1, Infrastructure Hub Enters Second Reinforcement Timer

7MD-S1 system, Catch region. On the 12th of August, Providence Bloc forces attempted to defend the system's sovereignty against the invasion of HERO Coalition forces.

Providence Bloc forces were organized in a hundred and twenty-six Harbinger class Battlecruiser fleet, with a supporting bomber wing. They entered the system from the T-RPFU gate only to be greeted by two waves of HERO Coalition bombers. Though no major losses were incurred, many of the ships in the fleet were in deep armor at this stage. 

Before Providence Bloc forces could recover from the bombing run and repair, HERO Coalition's main fleet of two hundred pilots, mainly in Eagle class Heavy Assault Cruiser warped in and engaged them. Providence Bloc forces attempted to fight HERO Coalition's fleet on the gate, but were quickly decimated by it, only able to inflict light damages in return.

With the destruction of the Providence Bloc's fleet secured, HERO Coalition forces turned their attention to the Infrastructure Hub itself, which they quickly reinforced again. Several attempts were made by Providence Bloc's bomber wing to harass HERO Coalition forces during this, but to little effect. 

This marked the second time the Infrastructure Hub entered its reinforcement mode, meaning that once it exits said mode, it can be destroyed if not successfully defended, allowing the system's Territorial Claim Unit to be destroyed as well, thus causing Providence Bloc to lose sovereignty over the system.

With this, the question now is whether Providence Bloc can repeat its successful defense of the UL-7I8 system, or will the 7MD-S1 system be the first to fall into HERO Coalition's hands?

Summary of the battle can be found here.

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