Thursday, 30 April 2015

Providence Fight Club: K1I1-J 29.4.2015

K1I1-J system, Providence region. On the 29th of April, 21:00 EVE Standard Time, Spectre Fleet and Pandemic Legion met with Providence Bloc in the system, to what would become a one sided battle.

The battle began after Providence Bloc forces were en route back to their staging system, having just destroyed Sovereignty Blockade Units that were deployed by Northern Coalition(dot) in the G-5EN2 system. as they moving, a report came of a Spectre Fleet Omen Navy Issue gang making its way up the pipe from Catch.

Providence Bloc had a Goku Stealth Bomber fleet, 40 members strong, and a Protues\Legion Strategic Cruiser fleet, 100 pilots big.

Spectre Fleet had a 50 pilot Omen Navy Issue gang. However, it also had the help of a Pandemic Legion Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet, 40 pilots strong and a Pandemic Horde Caracal Cruiser fleet, some 20 pilots in total who were roaming the region as well.

The two forces met head first on the 2-TEGJ gate in the K1I1-J system. The Gokus were the first to arrive in system and proceeded to engage the enemy, jumping between K1I1-J and 2-TEGJ systems, causing the enemy fleets to split. This gave enough time for the main Providence Bloc fleet to arrive on the scene and engage the disorganized hostiles.

A short and brutal skirmish developed on the 2-TEGJ gate, with Pandemic Legion Ishtars getting caught and melted by the Providence Bloc Strategic Cruiser fleet. A few of the Spectre Fleet ships were caught as well, but the two hostile fleets quickly disengaged, burning out of the interdiction probes and warping off the field as they realized they could not hope to contend with the force brought in by Providence Bloc.

Claiming victory, Providence Bloc decided not to camp the hostiles in, preferring instead to continue on their way home, thus allowing the battered enemy fleets to withdraw from the system.

Battle report for the K1I1-J system can be found here.

The fight saw the system reach a peak of no more than 300 pilots, with Time Dilation being negligible and having no serious effect on the fighting. 

Providence Bloc lost only 5 ships during the fight, for 210 Mil ISK damages. Spectre Fleet lost only 1 ship before bailing, valued at 70 Mil ISK. Pandemic Legion and its allies lost the bulk of ships, no less than 19 for 2.44 Bil ISK damages in total.

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