Tuesday, 14 October 2014

News: HERO Coalition Loses and Re-Captures CNC-4V System

CNC-4V system, Catch region. On the 13th of October the system became vulnerable due to human error, prompting Stain Wagon Coalition to attempt its seizure, to the detriment of HERO Coalition and Northern Coalition(dot).

The system was managed by Spaceship Samurai, but in the process of being transferred to Brave Collective. Thus, both the station and the Territorial Claim Unit were put under an alt corporation. However, the pilot managing the transfer was called away from the game for a long period of time, and as the days passed and sovereignty bills slowly ticked away, the corporate ISK reserves dwindled down to nothing, resulting in the loss of sovereignty on the 13th of October, 2:15 EVE Standard Time.

Test Alliance Please Ignore attempted to re-gain the system for HERO Coalition, taking the station and putting their own Territorial Claim Unit up, however, the sovereignty drop did not go unnoticed by other entities, such as Stain Wagon Coalition, who still views itself the rightful owner of the region. A small Stain Wagon Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet was quickly dispatched in order to destroy any Territorial Claim Units in the system and put their own instead.

A Tower was anchored and more Territorial Claim Units brought in by Stain Wagon entities, as well as a far larger Ishtar fleet that quickly secured the station for them. At the same time, mobile warp disruptors and mobile cynosural jammers were brought and anchored around the Territorial Claim Units, in order to slow down any attempt to interfere with them, as information indicated that Northern Coalition(dot) were planning to come to HERO Coalition's aid.

 The TCU Tower set up by Stain Wagon forces in order to slow down Northern Coalition(dot)

Once done with their preparations, Stain Wagon retreated from the system, in order to re-ship. HERO Coalition on its part broadcasted a ping to all its pilots to form a fleet in order to re-take the system. Northern Coalition(dot) also had a fleet announced for the system. All parties were gearing up to meet in CNC-4V at 16:15 EVE Standard Time.

First in were Stain Wagon forces, who bridged into the system in a hundred pilot Cerberus Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet. While they were flying around the grid where Territorial Claim Unit Tower was located, a Cynosural Beacon was lit at a ping above them, and into the grid jumped Northern Coalition(dot) with a full Mothership wing, supported by another wing of Archon Carriers, reaching a hundred pilots.

Northern Coalition(dot) fleet bubbled and held down by Stain Wagon forces

The Stain Wagon fleet attempted to keep range from the Northern Coalition(dot) force as well as keep it under a blanket of warp disruption probes. However, it was losing quite a few Scimitars, Scythes, Sabres and Cerberus who got tackled by the Archons, who were fitted just for that purpose. Losing ships, the Stain Wagon force nevertheless remained on field, hoping to at least inflict some damages on the Northern Coalition(dot) force, even if it was only in ISK, and buy some time for their Territorial Claim Units to online.

At this point, HERO Coalition entered the system in a hundred pilot Eagle Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet, and warped at optimal range of the Stain Wagon Cerberus fleet. A brief fire fight ensued, with HERO Coalition suffering quite a few losses, before warping off. By then, the Stain Wagon fleet had lost most of its Interdictors, freeing the Northern Coalition(dot) fleet from the blanket of warp disruption probes it was in, and warping as close as it could to the Territorial Claim Units. One by one, the units were destroyed by the cloud of drones, ensuring the system would not fall to Stain Wagon's hands.

With the hope of securing the system dashed, Stain Wagon forces attempted to fight HERO Coalition a few times. Short estrangements took place with both sides exchanging a few losses, however, no decisive battle took place, and Stain Wagon forces quickly extracted from the system, allowing HERO Coalition to re-take the station unmolested. With their Territorial Claim Unit anchored and online, HERO Coalition managed to secure the system once again.

Fixed Battle Report for the CNC-4V system can be found here.

At one point in the fighting, a Stain Wagon Avatar Titan jumped into the system. It is unclear whether this was pilot error or an attempt to activate its Doomsday module and pick off a few of the Archons on field. Regardless, the Titan quickly extracted from the system without performing any action, prompting much speculation on the part.

The Titan present on field during the fighting

In total, seventy three ships were destroyed in the fighting, and eight billion ISK in damages incurred. The majority of the losses and cost being on Stain Wagon's part. At the peak of the fighting, three hundred and forty-three pilots were in system, with Time Dilation peaking at 80% at the start and subsiding rather quickly.

Video of the fighting from Stain Wagon's perspective

With the intervention of Northern Coalition(dot) in the fighting, the question of whether HERO Coalition could have saved the system or not remains unanswered. Though the events of CNC-4V are a fruit of coincidence, they illustrate once more the interest Stain Wagon Coalition holds for the Catch region. At this rate, HERO Coalition may find itself fighting a two front war, and with the changes to jump ranges and mechanics in the upcoming Phoebe patch, fighting it alone.

Special thanks to Elazar Keon, of Ugandan Hit Squad, Against ALL Authorities Alliance for supplying an interview as well as screenshots and videos, and Xeron Vann of Concordiat, Spaceship Samurai Alliance for giving an official response.

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