Saturday, 3 May 2014

War Update: R3-K7K Infrastructure Hub Saved, Nulli Secunda Re-Deploys Sovereignty Blockade Units

On the first of May, 11:00 EVE Standard time, a large fleet battle erupted on the Infrastructure Hub in the R3-K7K system, Providence region, between the Providence Bloc and Nulli Secunda Alliance.

The fight started shortly after the server's scheduled downtime, with the Infrastructure Hub in the system reaching the end of its first reinforced mode. Nulli Secunda showed with a Harbinger class Battlecruiser fleet, approximately ninety pilots strong with a large Tech I Logistics Cruiser support. Providence Bloc fielded two separate fleets, with a large Naga and Tornado class Battlecruiser fleet, some hundred-fifty strong with a large Logistics and support wing, and a Stealth Bomber class Frigate fleet, around hundred pilots or so large. In total there were three hundred and twenty pilots on Providence Bloc's side.

As expected, the fight was quite one sided, with minimal losses incurred to the Providence Bloc side, and most if not all of the Nulli Secunda fleet lost.

The battle report can be found here.

After the destruction of the Nulli Secunda fleet, the Sovereignty Blockade Units were removed by the fleets, and the Infrastructure Hub safely exited reinforced mode. However later that day a second incursion by Nulli Secunda forces resulted in a vastly different result, as a second Harbinger class Battlecruiser fleet some sixty pilots strong deployed new Sovereignty Blockade Units in the R3-K7K system. 

That force was intercepted by a Providence Bloc fleet of Caracal and Rupture class Cruiser fleet, some eighty pilots strong. The Providence Bloc force was annihilated by the Nulli Secunda fleet, who sustained minimal losses.

As of yet, the Killboards are still slowly synching.
The zKillboard link can be found here.

With the Sovereignty Blockade Units replaced, it is only logical to assume a continuation of the hostilities between the Providence Bloc forces and Nulli Secunda Alliance. The EVE Scribe will keep covering these events in detail.

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